Tacoma Dome: Then and Now

by Mia Wright When I hear people talk about this amazing city, they mention a couple of things: Tacoma aroma, the diverse group of people, and the Tacoma Dome. The Tacoma Dome is the city’s main event place for concerts, festivals, and even football and basketball games. Just like most things, the Tacoma Dome started as just a vision by an engineer named Taylor Gardener … Continue reading Tacoma Dome: Then and Now

A Dome of our Own

— by Reyna LaMere A man by the name of E. Taylor Gardner was ahead of his time in 1925. Gardner was a Tacoma engineer and architect.  His vision of a great Tacoma stadium made the newspaper on December 17, 1925. He proposed “a great indoor auditorium under the world’s largest pillarless roof, capable of accommodating gatherings of thousands…” Gardner was a dreamer and a … Continue reading A Dome of our Own