The Great Big Baked Potato Song

by Kim Davenport In 1873, the Northern Pacific Railroad announced Commencement Bay as the western terminus of their transcontinental railroad line, frustrating expectant boosters in Seattle, and forever impacting the growth and development of Tacoma. 2023 marks the sesquicentennial of that momentous event, and Tacoma Historical Society will be celebrating that history throughout the year with our museum exhibit, Dreams & Dispossessions: The Railway Comes … Continue reading The Great Big Baked Potato Song

The Ventures

by Diana Zagorenko The Ventures was a rock and roll ball band that formed in Tacoma, Washington in 1958. As a band, they recently celebrated their 50th anniversary and continue to perform live shows to this day. They are well-known in other parts of the world and particularly popular in Japan. The Ventures experienced many different band members throughout the years. Bob Bogle and Don … Continue reading The Ventures

The Tacoma Armory

by Gabby Quinnett Picture yourself. It’s the middle of summer, your car windows are down, the cool wind blowing through your hair, and you’re blasting your favorite tunes. You’ve decided to take a scenic drive through Tacoma this fine afternoon. Driving past Wright Park, you’ve decided to take South Yakima Ave into the Hilltop area. Your sights are soon set upon a large, castle-like building. … Continue reading The Tacoma Armory

Ted Brown Music: Through the Years

by Janessa Pihl If you live in the state of Washington and have an interest or passion for playing or performing music, chances are you have come across Ted Brown Music. From instruments to sheet music, Ted Brown is a go-to for all things music! This family-owned company is sure to offer a friendly face and quality advice from employees who are committed to ensuring … Continue reading Ted Brown Music: Through the Years

Symphonic Eugene Linden

by Erica Yadao The city of Tacoma is known for its beautiful and diverse culture. Many people from around the world have traveled to Tacoma, Washington, to create art. Have you ever wanted to start afresh and make your mark away from home? Uncertain of his accomplishment, Eugene Linden arrived in Tacoma and achieved what he hoped: becoming a conductor of his orchestra. Before I … Continue reading Symphonic Eugene Linden

Diane Schuur: Jazz Great with Tacoma Roots

–by Julia Castanier Before American contemporary jazz artist Diane Schuur was known for her versatility in musical style and a powerful, perfectly pitched three-and-a-half octave vocal range, she was an ambitious girl from Tacoma. Born in the “City of Destiny” in 1953, the odds were stacked against her from day one. Schuur arrived two months premature with a related retinal condition in both eyes. The … Continue reading Diane Schuur: Jazz Great with Tacoma Roots

The Crescent Ballroom

–by Elizabeth Franklin If you were to walk by this pair of buildings today, I would bet that you’d have no idea what incredible history has taken place right there. A short time ago, I too certainly would have never known that this spot, just up the hill from my college campus, once hosted an incredibly vast selection of concerts and Tacoma history. These buildings … Continue reading The Crescent Ballroom

Girl Trouble: A Melting Pot of Music

— by Olivia Thompson Have you discovered the unique band Girl Trouble yet? From the time they formed in 1983, they have been producing some of the most radical and interesting music. Described as a mixture of garage, grunge, rock, and surf, the members of the band take elements of many types of music and combine them into songs that make you want to rock … Continue reading Girl Trouble: A Melting Pot of Music

Stadium Bowl: from Bands to Disney Stardom

–by Henry Nguyen Tacoma is known for its rich history and that is reflected through the historical buildings that can be found still standing today. Taking a stroll through the Stadium district there is a sense of the old world that can’t be found anywhere else in Tacoma. At the center of the Stadium district, you’ll find an iconic landmark that overlooks Commencement Bay. You … Continue reading Stadium Bowl: from Bands to Disney Stardom