How I Became a Volunteer at Camp 6

by Ed Mattison Everyone has a story of how they became involved the first time at a museum or historical society. I’ve been involved in several organizations over the years. The very first one was the Camp 6 Logging Museum in Point Defiance Park and here is the story of how I became a volunteer at the first museum I worked at. I was in … Continue reading How I Became a Volunteer at Camp 6

Remembering Never Never Land

— by Elizabeth George In July of 1964, Never Never Land joined the Pt. Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, Fort Nisqually, and the natural beauty of 5 Mile Drive, as yet another reason to visit Tacoma’s northern peninsula. For almost 50 years, Tacoma locals and out-of-towners alike passed under an 8-foot Humpty Dumpty sitting atop an archway of giant books. The spines of those books described … Continue reading Remembering Never Never Land