Capturing Your COVID-19 Stories

A frequent challenge for local history researchers is a lack of first-hand accounts of an event from the past. Perhaps people at the time didn’t recognize that they were living through something significant. Or perhaps they did, and their time and energy was taken up with that something significant, so much that they couldn’t pause to document their experience.

With this in mind, we are interested in collecting your reflections on the experience of living and working through this pandemic in 2020. You are welcome to share anything – from the mundane to the profound – and you can submit your thoughts as often as you like. We will save your contributions in our collection, and we hope that what we capture this year will be of interest and use to students of local history in the future.

To share a text submission:

To share an audio submission:

Thank you to local artist Chuck Fitzgerald for sharing his work with us for this post.

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